Last Minute Must-Haves: Black Friday Weekend + Cyber Monday



Hi loves, it’s Black Friday Weekend and I have selected some Must-Have Pieces for you. In case you miss it, Cyber Monday is following. I know there are two side of a coin about this topic, but for everyone who is kind of low on a budget it is a profitable opportunity. So if you like to use Black Friday and Cyber Monday do that, if not don’t do it. Anywayyys, did you have a great weekend? I promised to tell you about the books I read at the moment and I will do that this week, actually on Wednesday you can read all about self-improvement and positivity and a happy life. The last days I didn’t feel so well, because the stress overcame me and I really felt exhausted, but through the books which I am reading, I learned to change bad moods and negative feelings in the moment they come. So I picked myself up and now I am totally better. So enough of this, more on Wednesday. Here are my Must-Haves for this Winter, which you can buy also now cheaper, because of the Black Friday Weekend and Cyber Monday.

This winter I love to combine dark pieces with popping colors. Gurl, this green jacket (see the collage) combined with black leather pants and ankle-boots or Dr. Martens boots…..perfection. I love it. You will see a nice outfit soon. I will fly to Munich next week for a new campaign, so hit me up if you will be there. 🙂


Many kisses to you beautiful people, I will see you the next days on Instagram and also here. xxx Diana June

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